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2022-2023 Social Studies Classes

Civics & U.S. Geography (Grade 6-8)

Class time: Mondays 8:30am EST

Instructor: Giovana Cavarretta

Course Description: In Civics class, students will learn all about being citizens of our great country! Topics will include: what is a citizen, citizen’s rights and responsibilities, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, our Nation’s foundations, our Federal government, the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch, the Legislative Branch, Elections, Voting, and Patriotic Holidays. As part of our learning, students will participate in engaging, activities; they will create a Bill, they will participate in a Voting simulation, and in a Courts Simulation. In Geography we will study our great country state by state. Students will be building their own US Atlas complete with maps, historical facts, geographical facts and more. As we make our way around the US, we'll be learning about state histories, state capitals, unique geographical attributes, football teams and of course food!

World Geography
(Grade 6-8)

Class time: Mondays @ 2pm EST

Instructor: TBD

Course Description: In our World Geography class we will explore all 7 continents and the unique cultures that live there. Through fun interactive activities students will gain experience with map reading using an atlas, create their own personal “passport” geography notebook, or portfolio, develop critical thinking skills, study cultures and peoples, learn countries and capitals and so much more. This class is a great foundation for a future high school world history class. Required Curriculum:  National Geographic Student World Atlas 5th Edition. (Available on Amazon)   Isbn: 978-1426334795 ​

World History
(Grade 8-12) 

Class time: Thursdays @ 9am EST

Instructor: Jesus Villalobos

Course Description: BJU World History follows the whole history from a Christian perspective, using the Bible as the lens through which we explore God’s providence in the affairs of men. This text includes numerous sidebars with intriguing bits of information, as well as full-color photographs of both modern areas and ancient artifacts.  This two-book set features full-color pages that will walk students through world history. The primary text is clearly explained, and sidebar notes, bolded vocabulary words, photographs, maps, and biographical sketches provide a wide variety of interesting facts. Book A covers The Ancient World, The Eastern World, The Medieval World, & The Awakening World; Book B covers The Enlightened World, The European World, and the Modern World.  ​ Parental Involvement: Parents will need to hold their students accountable for the reading and homework so they are prepared for class discussions each week. Tests will be given with parents proctoring the exams. ​ Required Curriculum: Bob Jones University, World History, Student Texts; ISBN-13: 9781591669845. Students do not need to purchase the student activity book. 

2023-2024 Social Studies Classes

Personal Finance & Entrepreneurship
(Grade 6-8)

Class time: TBD

Instructor: Giovana Cavarretta

Course Description: In the Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship Class students will learn the basics of handling personal finances and how financial decisions will impact their lives, as well as, the basics of being an entrepreneur. Topics include: God’s view on money, how to set up a budget, how to shop for a car, what is car insurance, learning about health insurance, the basics of investing, types of taxes, credit cards and managing credit, checking and savings accounts, and more. Students will also learn about entrepreneurship topics such as, what is an entrepreneur, business ideas, having a business plan and funding a new business. Students will also complete a Car Purchase Project (choosing a car, finding out insurance and financing information necessary to purchase the car) and an Entrepreneurship Project in which they will have the chance to create their own business idea, craft a pitch for their idea, and present their business plan to the class to convince them to invest in their business! Required Curriculum: JA Finance Park Student Book (provided by teacher), Whatever Happened to Penny Candy 7th. ed. by Richard J. Maybury; ISBN: 0942617649; ISBN-13: 9780942617641. Curriculum for Entrepreneurship class will be provided by the instructor.

High School
American History
(9-12 grade)

Class time: TBD

Instructor: Jesus Villalobos

Course Description: This course is an informative and thought-provoking survey of the history of the United States. Within a biblical worldview, students will gain understanding of the forces, issues, and events that have shaped United States history and the people who made it happen. BJU Press’ US History Heritage Studies Grade 11 (4th edition) text covers our nation’s history from colonial times up to the 2000 Election. Focusing on God’s providence and America’s Christian heritage, the text examines the circumstances, which allowed for colonial expansion and development into modern day America. Sidebar notes provide interesting anecdotes and intriguing information on people and events, which help to illuminate the main text. Chapter reviews list important people, places and things to remember; section quizzes and chapter review questions engage students’ memories and critical thinking skills. Parental Involvement: Parents will need to hold their students accountable for the reading and homework, so they are prepared for class discussions each week. Tests will be given at home with parents proctoring the exams. ​ Required Curriculum: Bob Jones University, United States History Student Text; ISBN-13: 9781606820056. Students do not need to purchase the student activity book.

Class Pricing

​*Class Pricing Details:

  • Class tuition is $499 per year (approximately $15 per class)

  • There is a $50 registration fee per student.

  • Some classes have an additional fee listed in the course description if curriculum is provided.

  • All tuition and fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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