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How We Help

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

What We Do

Home Education Academy is a college and career prep homeschool program that offers small, live, interactive, weekly, a la carte, online classes taught from a Judeo-Christan perspective for grades 5-9 (with grades 10-12 coming soon.) We’ll give you the much-needed support, structure, and accountability to help you homeschool with excellence and with confidence. We provide your student with their weekly instruction from experts in online interactive virtual classrooms while you, with our guidance, oversee your student during the week.


Our instructors will teach, provide lesson plans, give feedback and evaluate school work. Classes are taught in English. Many of our instructors are bilingual, Spanish-speaking and will be able to communicate effectively with both Spanish-speaking parents and their students. Instructors use a state of the art learning management system (LMS) and are excellent in engaging with the students. This instructor support combined with your oversight at home allows for a successful hybrid learning experience, thus giving you the time to discover and learn with your children and, more importantly, grow in your relationship together.


Home Education Academy can also assist groups or organizations in building their own classes for their students. This can include options of all 4 courses: math, language, science and social science, as well as elective classes. Our local classes have been instructing students and families for almost 20 years. Our online courses are only a few years old and expanding every year. These online classes offer the same strong academic foundation that we have been offering for almost two decades. 


If needed, Home Education Academy can advise on extracurricular activities, sports, and college.

For more information see our FAQ page.

For advising see our Advising page.

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