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You CAN homeschool and we can help.

When we first started the homeschooling journey, we were right where you are, with limited information and/or information overload, plus well-meaning advice that often left us feeling discouraged. We have all also struggled with the fear of “messing up” our children and ruining their futures.  All of that changed once we sat down with veteran homeschool moms and mentors. That’s where WE CAN HELP you.  ​


As veteran homeschool moms and Directors of the Home Education Academy, we are here to help! ​For the past 17 years our primary goal has been to empower and equip over 1,000 families to educate their children at home. With combined experience of over 60 years, we meet with families to answer their questions about scope and sequence, curriculum, grades, transcripts, testing, college applications, NCAA requirements, scholarships and more.


Home Education Academy Director, Sue Puchferran, is available for individual academic counseling appointments. Sue has completed homeschooling her own four children who now enjoy careers as medical doctor, lawyer, nurse and CPA. She can help you homeschool too.


At a 60-75 minute appointment, you will complete an individualized scope and sequence for your student as well as get all of your high school and college questions answered.


Initial Academic Appointment for student (60-75 minutes) $150.00


Initial Academic Appointment for a “Home Education Academy” student (60-75 minutes) $125.00

Annual Follow up Appointments $100.00/student


To order the "Home School, High School Handbook, Completing the Journey", by Sue Puchferran click here. Price: $25.00, which is a donation to our homeschool lobby organization in the state of Florida, HEF plus $5.00 shipping. HEF is the Home Education Foundation, a homeschoolers voice at the capitol. Florida lobbyist, Brenda Dickinson.

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